This year at St. Kevin’s Community College we introduced a fashion module in TY with the […]
Wearing a full and proper uniform is a really important part of school life. The essentials […]
Sky Up Academy Studios On Tour is a digital-skills-boosting, aspirations-raising, pop-up storytelling experience. Their extraordinary e-vehicle […]
Physical Education is a vital part of the school curriculum. It is hugely important for all […]
St. Kevin’s CC celebrated a very successful Heritage Day in the school recently as all students […]
There will be a One Good School webinar for Parents on the topic of ‘Friendships’ on Tuesday 14th March […]
A huge congratulations to TY fashion student Alexa Alexandrina for being shortlisted for the Dublin City Final of […]
Happy New Year to all members of our school community. Please see below a letter from […]
Applications for a place in St Kevin’s Community College can be made by completing this Application […]
Join us on Thursday, October 29th 2022 between 6 and 8pm for our Open Night. This […]
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