Parent/Guardian Access to VSWare


To access your VSWare account, please go to and click VSWare on top right hand side. (3 blue lines if using a smartphone).

If you have never created an account before, you will be asked to enter your username which you will have received in a text message.

Please leave password blank and click ‘Create or Reset Password’

You will receive a text to your phone with a code. Enter this and follow the directions given to create a new password.

If you have any issues at all, please email

To watch a VSWare Parent video please click here –

Parent/Student/Staff Newsletter & Video

Please find below a newsletter we have put together which outlines all of the current plans we are putting in place to help us reopen St Kevin’s Community College safely and responsibly for all.

We have made a video version of the newsletter too which we would ask you to take some time to watch.

This will be shown to all students during their induction, but there is no harm in showing it to your son/daughter before they come back to school.

We know it is quite long, but it is really important that you take time to familiarise yourselves with the new procedures in place.

Parent & Staff Newsletter 2020 Covid Updates

Face Coverings/Masks









Please note that students will be required to wear Face Coverings/Masks at all times in the college.

No scarves or bandannas are allowed and face coverings should be appropriate for a school setting.

The principal will determine what is deemed to be appropriate in ambiguous cases.

Please follow the procedures for Face Coverings in the HSE Poster below at all times (Click here to view large version of poster)


Our Covid-19 Safety Procedures

Our Covid-19 Safety Procedures  (click here if you’d like to print a copy) (Updated August 17th, 2020)

Please note that some of these will be adjusted as we get to grips with a full return to school life and we will keep you informed at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your concerns by emailing, or

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

We are preparing the school so we can follow all of the necessary safety procedures as outlined by the Department of Education and the HSE. These include

  1. The following addition to our Code of Behaviour will be formally ratified by the Board of Management:

“All members of the school community, teachers, students, staff, SNAs, parents/guardians will fully comply with Covid-19 measures and protocols that are implemented for the health and safety of all.”

  1. It is ESSENTIAL that we have you correct contact details. In the event of a medical concern we must be able to contact you immediately. Please check your VSWare account to ensure all details are correct. (There is a help guide available on our website to help you set up your VSWare account if you don’t have one yet.)
  2. It is also ESSENTIAL that you download the KOMEER App from your App Store on your phone. We will communicate with you via this App and will be able to alert you if there are any Covid-19 concerns.
  3. Students should NOT come to school if they feel unwell/display any of the Covid-19 symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of smell/taste, shortness of breath).
  4. We have created a Covid isolation space in case anyone displays symptoms while in school. In such cases, students will be brought to this space where they can safely isolate until they can be collected following consultation with medical practitioners.)
  5. All students will stay in base classes as often as possible and teachers will move to them, reducing the need for students to mingle on the corridors. They will need to move for their option subjects (Woodwork, Art, Home Economics, Science, Music, Metalwork & Business) and some students may need to move for Maths, Irish and English. However, the movement for these students will be kept to a minimum, with students being allocated a seat beside someone from their base class and always within the same small section of the school.
  6. All of our rooms have been laid out to ensure social distancing of 1m at a minimum. Depending on certain subjects and the numbers of the students in the class, they may be able to sit further apart from each other.
  7. Students will have the same allocated seat and will be encouraged to clean their seat and desk with antibacterial wipes regularly. Classroom desks and chairs will be sanitised at least once every day.
  8. Classrooms will have plenty of hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser will be positioned throughout the school at all touch-points and on walls of corridors.
  9. Students will be allocated a specific toilet to use and will be only allowed into the toilets in small groups to ensure social distancing.
  10. Students will be split for their morning break and lunch times to reduce the numbers of students mingling with each other. Students will have their 30-minute lunch in the same area every day and will be allocated a place outside to get fresh air.
  11. We will offer movement breaks and fresh-air breaks throughout the day and will check-in constantly with students to ensure they are doing well and felling safe.
  12. Students will be allocated the same door to enter and exit the school.
  13. Students should have their own hand sanitiser on them at all times and use it regularly. They should also have, and wear, a face covering, unless exempt for medical reasons
  14. Parents & Guardians are no longer allowed into any part of the school building without an appointment
  15. Students will be asked to wear their PE uniform (tracksuit bottoms and white T-shirt with appropriate runners) on the day they are timetabled to have PE. Please note that these days are NOT non-uniform days and non-PE clothing is unacceptable. It is not an excuse to wear jewellery, piercings or infringing the uniform code in any way. Students who wear inappropriate PE clothing run the risk of being sent home on these days.
  16. Teachers will not touch student journals for notes etc. All notes will be on our electronic system (VSWare) which parents have access to. We encourage you to check this daily to see any positive notes or notes of concern that your son/daughter may have.
  17. Students should have their own labelled water bottle and have it filled coming from home. We will not be able to fill water bottles or give out drinks from staffrooms.
  18. All staff & students must adhere to the one system in operation in the school. Walk on the left hand side.
  19. All staff will have completed Covid-19 safety training before returning to work.
  20. Students will not have access to their lockers. We will do our best to minimise the number of books students will need to bring to/from school each day and teachers will advise on this in the first 2 weeks of teaching.
  21. Students should not leave any of their belongings in school overnight.
  22. There can be no sharing of books or equipment in classrooms.

While these measures have been put in place, we must remember at all times that nothing works better than ensuring students take personal responsibility to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. This means ensuring they maintain safe distances from other people, cough/sneeze into their elbow or tissue which is disposed safely, wearing a face-covering when social distancing is not possible, washing hands with hot water and soap and continuing to sanitise their hands.

Thank you for your support in helping us to re-open safely and please continue to reinforce all of these important messages to your son/daughter as often as you can.

We realise that many of these measures sound scary and daunting but we will do everything we can to help you through this process. If we continue to work together we can make this challenging time that bit easier. Please communicate with us as often as you need – email is the most effective way of getting in touch with us.

Looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter back and to a great year ahead,

Tony Barry                                          Ciarán Duffy

Principal                                              Deputy Principal


Start Up Letters 2020







Please find below letters for each year group outlining details for starting back to school this year and our Covid-19 preparations.

Please take your time to read all of the information and to ensure you have spoken to your son/daughter about these plans.

First Year Letter – 1st Year Letter Website 

Second Year Letter – 2nd year letter Website

Third Year Letter – 3rd year letter website

Transition Year Letter – 4th year letter website

Fifth Year Letter – 5th year letter website

Sixth Year Letter – 6th year letter website

Please email if you have any queries.




Startup Details 2020

Start Up Dates 2020

Monday 24th August                          Staff Training & Covid-19 Preparations Continue

Tuesday 25th August                          Staff Training & Covid-19 Preparations Continue

Wednesday 26th August                        No 1st Year Induction This Day – Staff Meetings

Thursday 27th August                            11.00-14.00             1st year induction

Friday 28th August                                   8.50-12.30                1st year induction

Friday 28th August                                  10.00-11.30              5th year induction

Friday 28th August                                  11.00-12.30              6th year induction

Monday 31st August                                9.00-10.30               2nd year induction

Monday 31st August                               10.00-11.30              3rd year induction

Monday 31st August                               11.00-12.30              4th year induction

Tuesday 1st September                         8.50 – 15.40            Full School Day as per Timetable


School Fees  20/21

Our book rental and Transition Year fees remain unchanged for this school year. Our Transition Year fee is reduced to €100 for the time being. If the Covid-19 situation eases later in the year we will review the fee and communicate with you in plenty of time. The fee for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th year students is €100. The fees cover items such as book rental, school journal, photocopying expenses and a calculator for all new 1st years (to be used over the 6 years).

Sibling /Family Discounts 1st Student – €100,  2nd Student – €75,   3rd Student – €50

Example Family of 2 = €175, Family of 3 = €225


Making Online Payments

Instructions for Online Payments

In order to facilitate ease of payment of school funds, St Kevin’s Community College uses an online payment system. This means that you can pay voluntary contributions and other school expenses through our secure online system by credit or debit card, keep track of payments paid and print off a receipt.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can only accept payment of voluntary contributions and other payments to the main office by cheque/credit/debit card payments, by appointment.

To set up your online payment account:

  1. The recommended browser is Google Chrome
    2. Go to the school webpage
    3. Click Online Payments – MIT at top right of screen (if using a smartphone, click the 3 white lines on the blue square at top right to get this option).
    4. On the MIT screen select Parents Login.
    5. For your first time to login for this child select CREATE ACCOUNT
    6. Enter your child’s first name, surname and PPS number. If you have any difficulties at this stage please phone the school office for assistance (01-6266277).
    7. Click NEXT.
    8. You will be asked to enter an email address and password. Keep a secure record of these as this is what you will use to login in the future.
    9. Please inform the school office by email or phone if you notice an error in your details. Click ‘Take payment’ and enter details of your payment as instructed on the screen. If you have any difficulties at this stage, please phone the school office.

If you cannot use the online system, please phone us for assistance. Please support our efforts to reduce the amount of cash and cheques we deal with in the school office and to make our payment system more efficient.

Thank you for your contribution.













Please note that our school uniform is now available from Topstore, Ballyfermot. It’s important to get in there ASAP as sizes you need may sell out. This is especially important for girls starting first year.

Reminder about Shoes