Remote Teaching & Learning 2021

Details of our remote learning plan for January 2021 can be read here.

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Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs)

Profile of Achievement and CBAs

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) have been introduced as part of the Junior Cycle (1st-3rd Year) to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills and their ability to apply them in ways that may not be possible in an externally assessed examination. They will be used in the assessment of learning in subjects and in short courses.

We have developed a calendar of CBAs for our 2nd and 3rd years to help you as parents/guardians know what work is expected of them. A short description of each CBA is provided below.

2nd Year CBA Calendar 2020/2021

Subject Duration


Dates for CBA

Visual Art 4 months From Process to Realisation: Group or individual project where students choose to work from one of the range of given themes to develop their ideas and create a realised work. During a maximum of four months with support/guidance from teacher Jan 22nd-  March 27th 2021
Home Economics 8-10 weeks Creative Textiles: This is an individual project. Students will produce evidence of the application of the design brief process to one of the following options: Make a creative textile item for an individual or the home or recycle or upcycle a creative textile for an individual or the home. Jan 4th – March 12th 2021
Geography. 3 weeks Geography in the news: Structured inquiry through a response to a recent geographical event(s). Response to a media source. Response may be presented in a wide range of formats. At the end of a three week period students will report on their inquiry, based on a recent media source, relating to a geographical event. Jan 18th – Feb 5th 2021
Maths 3 weeks Mathematical Investigation: A report may be presented in a wide range of formats. A student will, over a three week period, follow the problem-solving cycle to investigate a mathematical problem. Problem solving cycle: define a problem, decompose it into manageable parts and/or simplify it using appropriate assumptions; translate the problem to mathematics if necessary; engage with the problem and solve it if possible; interpret any findings in the context of the original problem. Jan 4th – Jan 22nd 2021
Science 3 weeks Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI): A student will, over a three-week period, formulate a scientific hypothesis, plan and conduct an experimental investigation to test their hypothesis, generate and analyse primary data, and reflect on the process, with support/guidance from the teacher. Nov 23rd – Dec 11th 2020
History 3 weeks The Past in my Place: Display which can be completed by a group, pair or individual.

Students will be required to research a project on a local historical monument, event or key personality.

March 8th – March 26th 2021
Business Studies 4 weeks Business in Action Group Project: Based on one of three options:

Enterprise in action

Economics in Action

Finance in Action

Nov 9th – Nov 27th 2020
MFL 3 weeks Oral Communication in the target language: Individual, pair or group communication using an interview, role-play, presentation (accompanied by question – and – answer session) or conversation in response to stimulus material.


April 12th – April 30th 2021
English 3 weeks Oral Communications: Individual or group communication or presentation/performance of 3 minutes on a topic the students chooses. Feb 22nd – March 12th 2021
Music N/A Composition Portfolio: Two pieces chosen from the student’s portfolio. Compositions are produced over the course of the year. CBA due May 14th
Engineering 3 weeks Engineering in Action: Students will investigate real-life applications of the processes and principles of engineering. Students can focus their investigation through the lens of a specific strand, a combination of two strands or can adopt an integrated approach across all three strands. The students will communicate their findings through any appropriate media. Jan 25th– Feb 12th 2021
Wood Technology 3 weeks Wood Science in our Environment: Students will explore a wood science-related issue within a local/global context. They will analyse the information/data collected, evaluate and present the findings of their research of the issue they have investigated. Jan 11th – Jan 29th 2021


3rd year CBA Calendar 2020/2021

Gaeilge 3 Weeks MRB2: Communicative Task: 3-4 minutes of an oral task in the format or a presentation, role play or interview. Can be completed alone or in a group. Jan 25th – Feb 12th 2021
Visual Art 3 months CBA2: Communicate and reflect: Individual project where students choose one form a range of given themes and generate preparatory work which they present to their class for discussion and feedback. Sept 7th – Nov 20th 2020
Home Economics Term 2 CBA2: This is an individual submission. Students will utilise the design break process to research, generate ideas and possible solutions for their food literacy skills brief, drawn from a list of briefs issued by the State Examinations Commission. Jan 4th – Jan 22nd 2021
Science 3 weeks CBA2: Science in Society Investigation (SSI): A student will, over the three week period, research a socio-scientific issue, analyse the information/secondary data collected, evaluate the claims and opinions studied, and draw evidence based conclusions about the issues involved, with support/guidance from the teacher. Nov 2nd – Nov 20th 2020


CAO Process Explained for Parents/Guardians

Would you like to learn more about the application process for 3rd level courses?

If so, Ms Ní Chrualaoich has made this excellent video to help explain the process. She outlines areas such as Decision Making, Applying to Colleges, HEAR/DARE scheme, SUSI Grants, available supports and useful websites in this short video. Please take time to go through this with your son/daughter.


You can download a Parent/Guardian Letter here –  CAO Letter StKCC

You can download a Parent/Guardian Information Sheet here – CAO Inforrmation Sheet

School Virtual Tour

Considering St Kevin’s Community College for your son/daughter for September 2021? Looking to move to St Kevin’s CC and would like to find out more information about the school?

No problem at all. Take a few minutes to watch our new promotional video below.

Expect The Best

Leaving Cert Results 2020

Leaving Cert Calculated Grades will be available on Monday September 7th. These will only be available online and NOT from the school. You MUST access them online using the same website where you entered your levels and subjects in June. Students will need their examination number, PPS number and account password. You can reset your password on the site if you have forgotten it. 

If you can’t access the site, you can ring Ms Ni Chrualaoich on 0892232005 for any form of help and advice relating to Calculated grades. You can also email

The main points to note are:

  • Available from 9am on 7th September 2020  at the Student Portal on
  • These grades are OFFERINGS from the Department who are attempting to keep everything as ‘on schedule’ as possible during the global pandemic
  • Calculated grades can be used to allow you to progress to any pathway, just like any given year
  • Teachers may have given different grades than what is finally offered to students. Additional information will be available on student portal from Monday 14th
  • If students are not happy with grades, there are several options/choices they can make.
  • The school cannot enter into any form of discussion around the calculated grades process including why students were awarded their grade
  • If students choose to sit one or more of the later examinations, the highest grade of the two examinations will be included in your points
  • These grades are provided in time for students who have applied through the CAO and the UK’s UCAS for college entry for the 2020/2021 academic year. ​
  • We do not know on the day of results what the points will be for certain courses

Please find an information sheet on calculated grades here