We have a wonderful relationship with all members of our school community and we work closely together to ensure the best for your son/daughter. While parents and guardians are always welcome in St Kevin’s Community College, it is important that we all follow school procedures.
Parents/Guardians should always report to the school office. No parents/guardians should be in the main part of the school unless for an arranged meeting with a member of staff.
Parents/Guardians can not leave the reception area until a member of staff meets them.
As there are children under the age of 18 on the school grounds, no visitors can access the main part of the school other than the reception area and meeting room.
Visitors should ONLY use the door beside the Main Reception/Office. Go straight through the main gate and continue straight where you will see a sign for reception.
Visitors should not turn right into the staff car park. Drive straight through the gate and go towards the basketball court and turn your car there.
We ask that all dealings with staff are done in polite and respectful manner. If staff are not treated with respect by visitors,  you may be asked to leave. In extreme cases we may call for assistance from An Garda Síochana.
Let us all continue to work respectfully in our dealings with each other to ensure the best education for your son/daughter.



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