Home School Community Liaison (HSCL)

Home School Community Liason -Deirdre Dalton

The Department of Education and Skills has provided St Kevin’s Community College with a home-school service. The correct name for this feature of the school is Home School Community Liaison, but this is often shortened to Home School. The Co-ordinator is Ms Deirdre Dalton.

What is Home School?

Home School is part of our service, which seeks to build and support the partnership that exists between Parents, School and Community in order to maximise the benefits of education for your child. The service includes; coffee mornings, parents courses, home visits and face to face meetings.

Home School activities include

Courses for our Parents:

(These are free of charge and designed to increase Parental involvement in the school)

Home Support:

  • Home visits are made to improve contact with the school.
  • To support families who might have a particular need, for example an illness in the home, which might affect their son/daughter’s performance in school.
  • To give parents a voice in their child’s education.

Community Links:

  • TUSLA/ Educational Welfare Service and Officer

Contact Details:

  • Mobile Number: 085 7622992
  • Email: deirdredalton@stkevinscc.ie

In Home School:

Partnership is the key concept

Supporting Parents is the key task