1. The Republic of Ireland now has unlimited access to World Book Online through Scoilnet. When you need fast, reliable information for homework, reports, or just a lingering question, World Book Online is the place to go.  Click Here to access World Book Online
  2. Maths Help can be found here
  3. Science resources here
  4. Irish resources including help for the Oral exam can be found here
  5. English resources including help with Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice and Of Mice & Men etc can be found here
  6. History Resources can be found here
  7. Geography work can be accessed here
  8. Spanish & French help can be found here
  9. (a) Construction Studies resources (b) Noel Ward’s you-tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_FUtmPgY8ITqajVfrbr2g, it has some really good sample L.C answers on it, among other stuff (c) Construction Studies – https://www.woodtheorypractice.com/student-elearning – this has some excellent step by step videos & PowerPoints on how to complete the building spec detailed drawings.
  10. JC Woodwork – https://www.woodtheorypractice.com/e-learning-student-open
  11. Engineering resources
  12. Art resources
  13. Business resources
  14. Biology resources
  15. Home Economics Resources
  16. Past Examination Papers 
  17. Maths Videos for JC HL & LC OL/HL 
  18. Leaving Cert Revision Books from CJ Fallon (Free Access) in Biology (H & O), English (H & O), French (H & O), Geography (H & O), Irish (H) and Maths (H) –  (You just need to put in your first name, email address and select Student to access these books. Click the picture of the eye to view the books).
  19.  Ted Ed. Short videos, lessons and quizzes on a variety of areas…a lot of useful general knowledge too. Click into ‘lessons’ on the sidebar.
  20. Khan Academy. Again a lot of content for a wide range of subjects and levels.
  21. Edco are giving free access now for all eBooks and resources. See the link below.
  22. TES– A UK website with a vast amount of stuff for all subjects.
  23. IXL – Maths and English skills for all ages.
  24. 50 YouTube channels for Home Learning.
  25. Phonics game for younger kids
  26. Free ebooks for kids.
  27. Duolingo is a great app for languages too.
  28. And also, if you’re on Twitter, have a look at the hashtag #edshareie …there is and will be a lot more things being shared on there.
  29. As much as anything, continuing or developing the habit of reading is really important. Continue to use the resources Mr Cassidy has  suggested below.

Digital Library: https://soraapp.com

We have access to a digital library of books and audiobooks at https://soraapp.com. Guidelines for using the Sora app can be found at https://help.soraapp.com/. You need a login and password – email Mr Cassidy at library@stkevinscc.ie  if you have forgotten yours or need a new one.



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