School Start Up Times 2022

We hope you have all had a restful holiday. We look forward to seeing you all again. The times and dates for school reopening are below. Students should be in full uniform for their induction and bring a pen with them.

Monday 29th August                                 9.00-11.00    2nd year induction

11.00-13.00  3rd year induction

Tuesday 30th August                                 9.00-11.00    5th year induction

11.00-13.00  6th year induction

Wednesday 31st August                            9-11.00         Transition Year (4th Year) induction

Thursday 1st September                           9-12.30         1st year induction (part 1)

Friday 2nd September                               9-12.30         1st Year induction (part 2)

Monday 5th September                             8.50–15.50   Full School Day for all students



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