Running/Walking Step Challenge

STEP 1 – Set up Strava

  • Go to the App Store. Download the Strava app to your device. Open the app. Click sign up by email.
  • Use your student email – Input all your details: Name, Date of Birth
  • ‘Can we contact you’ – This will pop up on the screen, you can either click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whether you want to receive advertisements or not.
  • Annual Subscription – This app is free so you can skip this part by clicking ‘skip’ in the top right hand corner.
  • ‘Let’s go or Later’- Click ‘Later’
  • Location – They will ask for your permission to use your location – Click only when using the app’ (This means Strava will only have access to your location when you are using the app to log your walk/run/cycle.
  • When you are on your ‘Feed’, you will see ‘Clubs’ in the top right-hand corner. Click on this option.
  • Search for St. Kevin’s Community College Clondalkin and your year group eg. St Kevin’s Clonda;kin 1st Years
  • Click “Join Club’ – If you are already a member of Strava or cannot find the club please use the following link –
  • You are now a member of the Team Challenge

STEP 2 – Walk/Run/Cycle

  • Get yourself ready for your walk/run/cycle
  • Go onto your Strava app and Click ‘RECORD’
  • Make sure your activity type is set to ‘Run’ even if you are walking or cycling to ensure your Kilometers are counted
  • Click “START”
  • Do your Physical Activity
  • When finished click ‘STOP’ and your Kilometers will automatically add to your team’s distance count.


Social Media We would love if you would share your picture of you on your walk/run/cycle on social media. Post your picture to your story and tag us in the post



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